Frequent washing , hands cracking. How to avoid them?

This is the crucial moment : we have a duty to avoid the further spread of germs and to implement new daily hygienic methods. Among these, it is essential to keep your hands always clean. With frequent washing , the skin tends to “wear out” and flaking skin occurs.

To avoid this unpleasant consequence, which can also cause more serious damage, making the skin of the hands excessively sensitive. It is necessary to make careful choices regarding soaps and creams and also take other small precautions such as using warm or cold water, never too hot , because it damages the epidermis more.

It is recommended to choose artisanal soaps obtained with absolutely natural substances, such as Aleppo soap, which has the consistency of a cream and is delicate, purified and antiseptic, excellent even when combined with argan oil. Natural soaps with citrus fruits or other plants such as rose, mallow, lavender, sandalwood, edelweiss, lily of the valley are also suitable.

As for hand cream, it is quite useless to put it on during the day, because it will be washed off after a short time, while it is absolutely necessary to put it on overnight. Also in this case it is necessary to choose natural creams, handcrafted, which guarantee the quality and reliability of the ingredients without resorting to aggressive substances. Aloe vera creams, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and in severe cases snail slime or myrrh are particularly recommended, which will help the skin to regenerate quickly.


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