How to sanitize the bathroom? Tips and tricks

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms and is obviously one of those environments in which germs and bacteria are easier to nest. In addition, humidity, soap and shampoo residues, as well as the remains of toothpaste in the sink attract mold and fungus.
It is therefore important to perform a thorough disinfection of the whole bathroom at least every seven days. How to do?

Let’s start with a bathtub and toilet: to clean thoroughly, better use bleach to clean the internal parts and a cloth soaked in disinfectant for the exterior.

The sink, on the other hand, must first be washed well with specific detergents and then rinsed with plenty of water.

We must also not forget to thoroughly clean the walls of the bathroom, in the same way we clean the floors: using a dish towel dipped in hot water and with specific products.

Warning! These operations must be carried out taking care to ventilate the environment well to avoid accumulation of humidity.
Another precaution is to change the towels, as natural accumulators of bacteria, or even better to use the Nicky Defend disposable antibacterial towels: they capture germs, they can be thrown individually into the toilet and above all … they do not wash and do not iron!

Hygiene is the key of a healthy life, but it is also important to carve out some time for yourself!


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