The “Elite” of toilet tissue

Nicky Elite toilet tissue offers you premium quality and luxurious softness you can always rely on. This 3 ply toilet tissue with quilted emboss, softening lotion and gentle talc fragrance will give you the extra comfort you were looking for. To satisfy every household need Nicky Elite comes in different packs sizes (4, 9 and 18) and  is available in four different colours, white, peach, pink and blue to match all bathrooms designs.

Profits deriving from sales of Nicky Elite toilet tissue will be devolved to support various Woodland Trust projects across the UK. Nicky is actively funding local projects to help the Woodland Trust plant at least 20,000 native trees in the UK each year. By purchasing this product you will be helping Nicky and Woodland Trust care for and restore Britain’s trees, forests and wildlife.

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