The biggest roll in the Nicky kitchen towel family, Nicky Giant roll is the ideal long lasting, multi-purpose household towel in and around your home. Thanks to its centrefeed, “easy to pull out” system, you can use it in the kitchen, to clean up the garage, for  your car, with your pets and keep one in the shed for your gardening chores.

Nicky Giant Jumbo roll is extra absorbent and gives you the equivalent of 8 standard kitchen towels* in 1.

Profits deriving from sales of Nicky Giant Jumbo kitchen towel will be devolved to support various Woodland Trust projects across the UK. Nicky is actively funding local projects to help the Woodland Trust plant at least 20,000 native trees in the UK each year. By purchasing this product you will be helping Nicky and Wooldand Trust care for and restore Britain’s trees, forests its wildlife.


* based on the average sheet count of standard kitchen towel rolls in the UK market.

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