Nicky is actively helping the Woodland Trust restore the UK’s native woodland.

At Nicky we want to make a difference by giving back to our environment. The UK is one of the least wooded places in Europe. Only 13% of the UK is woodland, compared to an average of 44% in other parts of Europe. This is why we have teamed up with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading conservation charity, and we are committed to fund various projects throughout the UK to help the Trust plant at least 20,000 native trees every year. In our 4 years of partnership, thanks to the support of our customers, we have helpedĀ the Woodland TrustĀ plant over 148,000 trees.

Help us continue to support the Woodland Trust by purchasing any pack of Nicky Elite toilet tissue, Nicky Lemon kitchen towel, Nicky Elite kitchen towel, Nicky Giant Jumbo and Nicky Elite facial tissue.


Did you know there is a right and wrong time to plant trees?

Trees planting season in the UK runs from late September to March

Trees planted so far

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